How to check your home for water damage

water drying equipmentAlmost all of us have heard of water damage, but we seem to file it away in our minds with other bits of information that we have learned but will probably never need, like how to knit, and the fact that penguins live in many different countries including South Africa. The trouble is that unlike those things, information about water damage is actually quite useful. It is the number one most likely thing to damage your home, and is more frequent than fire and burglary combined. The damage that water can cause is absolutely extraordinary, and that is why it definitely pays to keep a close eye out for any water damage that could be creeping through your home. But do you know what to look for?

The easiest way to look out for water damage in your home is by following these three steps. They may seem a little obvious, but you would be amazed at the number of people who just simply put off doing this, and then end up with a huge bill for fixing damage that water has caused – not including the emotional trauma of having to throw most of their possessions away!

  1. Can you smell anything strange in your home?

No, we don’t just mean some bad curry odors that have lingered after a Saturday night; we mean a smell that you cannot really pinpoint to any one particular cause, and no matter how much cleaning you do, you cannot get rid of. That usually means that the source of the smell is where you cannot see, and that typically means that it is coming from water damage in the walls, ceilings, or floors. Hopefully you will be able to locate the vague area that the smell is coming from, and then you have a fair idea of where you need to get a professional in.

  1. Is there mold appearing?

Bit of a giveaway this one, but you would be amazed how few people realise that mold is the sign that water damage has been going on for a really long time! Not only is mold unhygienic, but it can actually cause sneezing, running eyes, and respiratory problems if it is left for too long. Many parents believe that their children have asthma because there is so much mold in their home! Remember that for every inch of mold that you can see, there is probably another four inches that you cannot.

  1. Are your water bills rising for no reason?

This is often the easiest way to see if you have water damage that you are unaware of – because you are paying for it! It certainly is a cruel twist, but again it is a circumstance that many people will find themselves in. Leaking pipes will mean a lot more water is used up, and you should be able to compare your water bills to see if your amounts have increased. It won’t help you find out exactly where the problem is, necessarily, but you’ll know that it is there.

Once you know that you have water damage, it is time to take action. The longer you leave water damage, the worse it will get, the longer it will take to get everything back to normal, and the higher the bill will be. That is why you should immediately call in the professionals when you know that water damage is taking place, so you can start to fight back immediately.  Almost every home will go through it at some point – you just need to make sure that you do have to suffer through it for very long!

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